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Hospital Overview

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The tradition and obligations of Seoul National University Medical School as the core organization of Korean Health care over the last 100 or so years has also been bestowed upon us here at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital's campus.
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) has been committed to providing top-notch medical care to the patients we serve. Throughout the years, we have committed all our resources to improving the quality of patient care, pioneering research activities and also the education of future health care professionals.


Historically, Seoul National University Hospital (SNUH) was the first hospital in Korea to provide modernized western medicine in this country from the late 19th century. Seoul National University Bundang Hospital continues that tradition of excellence and our moral obligation as the trademark of Korean health care and the first teaching institution outside the Yeongeon-dong Campus, the ivory tower, in order to accommodate the ever-growing patient population of this country.
SNUBH has been consistently ranked first in the category of quality measurements of general hospitals for thirteen consecutive years and Korea Brand Power Index. In 2012, SNUBH was given the title of “1st Class in all categories” of quality measurements based on outcomes, patient safety, and customer satisfaction, the recognition from the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, which is a subsidiary of the National Insurance company of Korea.

World-Class Patient Care

Our 1,360-bed medical center, located at the Southern suburb of Seoul, offers sophisticated cutting edge diagnostic and therapeutic care in virtually every specialty and subspecialty of medicine and surgery. Our nine multidisciplinary specialty care centers, comprising of SNUBH medical staff from all different lines of specialties provide comprehensive one stop medical care to the patients with various medical conditions and different medical needs.
Bringing cutting edge technology and traditional humanity together, the quality of our medical care has been consistently proved to be of the highest class in this country, based on all of the quality measurement criteria.

A Research Powerhouse

As the main teaching hospital of the Seoul National University Medical School, SNUBH has long been a leader in cutting edge medical research, parallel to state-of-the-art clinical practices. With an annual research budget of more than $25.4 million US dollars, SNUBH conducts one of the most active hospital-based research programs in Korea - programs that involve more than 30 clinical departments and specialties of the hospital. The hospital's research funding from public and private sectors drives discoveries and breakthroughs in basic and clinical research by our staffs, which eventually translate into improved treatment modalities for our patient care.


Education and Training

SNUBH is one of the three main teaching hospitals of Seoul National University, College of Medicine, where nearly all of our staff physicians serve on the teaching faculty. Since the hospital’s founding, SNUBH has been committed to training and mentoring the next generation of national and international leaders in medicine and science, providing a wealth of opportunities for physicians, nurses and health professionals. This is the most sought after training ground for young health care professionals, the medical students, residents and nurses in the country. These talented professionals, in turn, will serve as the future leaders of the health care nationally and internationally and provide invaluable resources as the staffs of all major teaching hospitals in the country.


Setting the Bar for Quality & Safety

SNUBH was the first hospital in Korea to be fully digitalized and paperless, supported by the new EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System developed by our subsidiary medical information technology company. The application of the CPOE (computer physician order entry) system, the first in Korea, was the leap frog event to improving quality of patient care and decrease medical errors in hospital care.
As for our commitment to improve daily care of our patients and progression of medical science, we continue to measure our performance according to the scientific criteria in the area of patient care and research. With regular organizational activities for continuous quality improvements, the industries' best practices are developed in this campus.  



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