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Following the 1st Edition of the Outcomes Book, which disclosed the health care quality indicators for the first time in Korea, the 2nd Edition has now been published.
This 2nd Edition is full of even more substantial content thanks to the efforts of all members who participated this year.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital has remained fully committed to providing further highly reliable healthcare services as the most prominent hospital in Korea. In spite of the difficult medical environment, we have continued to take the lead in shaping the future of the medical industry to thrive as well as improving the quality
of healthcare services, based on our full determination to prove ourselves worthy of the confidence that our patients and customers have shown to us.

Many once voiced their concerns when the health care quality indicators, which had been previously considered as confidential data, was first released. Nevertheless, it served as an opportunity for us to look back upon ourselves to make the improvements internally, and also it made a significant contribution to the promotion of the patients’ right to know.

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital will continue to disclose its health care quality indicators every year. I truly look forward to witnessing how such small steps will bring
positive effects to the medical community in Korea and serve as the momentum to improve the overall healthcare standards of the nation.

President & CEO
of the Seoul National University
Bundang Hospital Rong-Min, Baek


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