• 1 Schedule your appointment

    • Call : +82-31-787-2034
    • Fax : +82-31-787-4088

    SNUBH have contracts with the following insurance agencies : INT'L SOS, Tricare (TOP Prime), Global Benefits Group, CIGNA International, GAP, UB Care, United Health Insurance, Geo blue and HTH worldwide, BCBS, Metlife, Daman. If your insurance company does not have a contract with SNUBH, you will be required to pay upfront and then file a claim to your insurance company later. For more information about private insurance and other insurance holders from non-USA countries, please contact us at +82-31-787-2034 Please contact your insurance company for a GOP(Guarantee of Payment) letter prior to the appointment date. If your insurance company does not have a contract with the hospital, you have to pay the bill yourself first and after claim your insurance company. Make sure and find out what documents you need from the hospital, in order to get a reimbursement from your insurance company before the comsultation.

  • 2 Visit on your appointment date

    ID verification / Register Radiological Images / Check in with the IHC Staff

    • First-time visitors have to bring their Alien Registration Card(ARC) or Passport for identification. If you have any medical reports and/or medical images related to treatment or symptoms, please bring them to the appointment (all records must be either in Korean or English). Note, if you are bringing any radiological images, please come to the center 30 minutes prior, so we can help you register the images the before the appointment.
    • Foreign Language Services : English, Russian and Arabic. If you need interpretation for Chinese or Mongolian please notify us in advance.
  • 3 Outpatient clinic visit

    • If you need a Medical certificate, you have to request the doctor directly during the consulation. After it is written, you can visit Medical Records Desk located on.
    • 2nd floor of Bldg 1 or 1st floor of Bldg 2.
    • Make sure to bring your ID with you (ARC card, passport, etc.)
    • For children under the age of 14, a proof of relationship to the patient and power of attorney from the patient, such as family relation certificate, birth certificate, etc. is required.
    • you may have to wait or may have to make an appointment for another day if you visit the hospital without a prior appointment.
  • 4 Complete payment

    • We accept all major credit cards and cash (Korean won only)
    • At SNUBH you have to make a deposit of the estimated cost of your treatment in order to be admitted. Please have in mind the actual charges could be more or less at the completion of the patient’s treatment.
    • Available Services : English Receipt, Itemized (Detailed) Receipt, etc.
  • 5 Proceed with tests and/or pick up prescription

    Examination / Medical Treatment / Prescription