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Geriatric Medicine Department of Internal Medicine

Introduction to the Department

The Department of Internal Medicine for Geriatric medicine is operating “comprehensive care, continued care, and integrated care systems” so that medical service workers can comprehensively evaluate and treat patients and continuously manage them after their discharge.

In the Department of Internal Medicine for Geriatric medicines, special medical teams consisting of specialists in internal medicine, neurology, neuropsychiatry, and rehabilitation medicine and nurses specializing in elderly persons, nutritionists, pharmacists, social welfare workers, physical therapists, etc., provide individualized medical services suitable for the characteristics and situations of individual patients to enhance the efficiency of medical services of elderly persons especially those suffering from composite problems.

Those Geriatric medicines falling under internal medicine are diagnosed and treated at the heart center.

Kim, Cheol-Ho

Kim, Cheol-Ho | M.D.
Specialty : hypertension, heart disease in the elderly

He graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine in 1980. He had training in Internal Medicine in the Deaprtment of Internal Medicine, Seoul National University Hosptial. He had subspecialty training of Carrdiology in the same institition. He became the lecturer of Department of Internal Medicne, Seoul National University College of Medicine qn 1991 and is the Professor. In 1992, he was the research associate in the Cardiovascular Research of the Mayo Foundation, Rochester, MN. He observed the geriatric medicine in the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital in 1999. His main interest is the hypertension, cardiovascular diseases in the elderly. He is now the academic director of Korean Society of Hypertension.
Kim, Kwang-Il

Kim, Kwang-Il | M.D.
Specialty : heart disease in the elderly, vascular aging, hypertension

Kim graduated from Seoul National Univ. College of Medicine and completed his residency at the Dept. of Internal Medicine. He is currently doing research and engaging in clinical practice with interest in geriatric cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, heart failure, arrhythmia) and geromarasmus as well as the drug use of geriatric patients. He is a member of Korean Geriatrics Society, Korean Society of Hypertension, and Korean Society of Cardiology.


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