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Division of Hematology & Medical Oncology

Introduction to the Department

The Hematology & Medical Oncology Division of the Internal Medicine Department consists of the area of internal medicine for hematology, which deals with multiple myeloma, malignant lymphoma, acute and chronic leukemia, anemia, cytopenia, and thrombosis/coagulation disorders, and the area of internal medicine for solid tumors, which covers the systemic treatment of solid cancers such as stomach cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer, pancreatic & biliary tract cancer, urinary tract cancer, osteosarcoma, soft-tissue sarcoma, and gynecological cancer. Our division coordinates the diagnosis and treatment of hematologic and oncologic diseases and is in charge of chemotherapy, biologic therapy, and hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. If surgery or radiation therapy is required, we work in close cooperation with the related Surgery Department, Radiation Oncology Department, and various subdepartments of the Internal Medicine Department to deliver optimal care to our patients.

Inpatient wards for Hematology & Medical oncology

These are wards 96, 105, and 106. Five-person rooms are operated as short-term admission units exclusively for patients receiving chemotherapy, thereby providing patients who need repeated chemotherapy and intensive care to receive anticancer therapy in a comfortable environment while minimizing their economic burden. In addition, ward 106 is a special-care unit for bone marrow transplantation, including isolated rooms for immunocompromised patients. Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation has been successfully performed for the treatment of leukemia, multiple myeloma, malignant lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, myeloproliferative disorder, and aplastic anemia.

Infusion Room for Hematology & Medical Oncology (Day Ward)

This is located on the 5th floor of the New Cancer Hospital. By operating an independent space for patients receiving chemotherapy, more specialized and efficient treatments are enabled while allowing the patients to receive anticancer therapy in a comfortable environment and minimizing their economic burden.

Clinical trial and basic research

Many clinical trials related with novel agents, including early-phase clinical trials, are conducted in our division. Basic researches related with drug sensitivity and novel agents are also in progress. There is a Clinical Trial Center for clinical trials and a laboratory for basic research. Many clinical-research nurses and laboratory researchers are contributing to the studies.


There are education programs for patients, medical students, and visiting doctors. An education lecture for the general public is held annually. An education book for patients receiving chemotherapy was recently published, offering detailed information on how to cope with cancer and cancer treatment. An international visiting scholar program has also been established.

Lee, Jong-Seok

Lee, Jong-Seok | M.D.
Speciality : lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and lymphoma 

Prof. Lee is the chief of the Clinical Trial Center. He is an expert on the clinical treatment of lung cancer and lymphoma. He had overseas training and study on drug resistance in NCI, Bethesda, MD (1992-1994).
Bang, Soo-Mee

Bang, Soo-Mee | M.D.
Speciality : acute leukemia, multiple myeloma, anemia, thrombosis, and coagulation disorder

Prof. Bang, a renowned hematological specialist, completed her fellowship at Seoul National University. An active clinician and physician, she has been conducting researches to improve the clinical outcomes of the treatments of multiple myeloma and myeloproliferative neoplasms using novel agents. She is also active in the work of identifying the risk factors for venous thromboembolism, and performs many trials for the development of new effective treatments. She recently published a Korean guideline for the prevention of venous thromboembolism.
Kim, Jee-Hyun

Kim, Jee-Hyun | M.D.
Speciality : breast, colorectal, and hepatocellular carcinoma

Prof. Kim received her M.D. degree from Seoul National University in 1995 and later completed her training in internal medicine and hematology-medical oncology at Seoul National University Hospital. She received her Ph.D. degree from Seoul National University College of Medicine. In 2003, she joined Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, where she is now a medical oncologist and a clinical investigator mainly on breast and colon cancer. Her main research interests include geriatric oncology and early-phase clinical trials of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and hepatocellular carcinoma. She became a visiting scientist at Dana Farber Cancer Institute and a visiting professor at Harvard Medical School, where she conducted research on novel breast kinases. She is the leader in the area of geriatric oncology in South Korea and is currently conducting a nationwide cohort study for the prediction of the survival and chemotherapy toxicity for older cancer patients.
Lee, Keun-Wook

Lee, Keun-Wook | M.D.
Speciality : gastric, colorectal, and head and neck cancer

Prof. Lee graduated from SNU College of Medicine and is currently working as a medical oncologist at SNU Bundang Hospital. He also studied at MD Anderson Cancer Center as a visiting researcher (2012-2013). He specializes in chemotherapy for solid tumors and conducts many new-drug clinical trials for gastrointestinal cancer, including gastric cancer and colon cancer. He has been actively involved of late in high-complexity, early clinical tests such as phase 1 clinical trials, striving to develop a new remedy for persisting cancer. He also participates in some leading studies on thrombosis, which commonly afflicts cancer patients.
Kim, Yoo-Jung

Kim, Yu Jung | M.D.
Speciality : Lung cancer, brain tumor, sarcoma, genitourinary cancer, palliative care

Prof. Kim, a board-certified medical oncologist, graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine and completed her residency and fellowship at Seoul National University Hospital. Dr. Kim’s clinical interests include lung cancer, brain tumor, sarcoma, genitourinary cancer and palliative care. As a medical oncologist, she is participating in multiple cancer clinical trials either as a principal investigator or a co-investigator. She visited MD Anderson Cancer Center as a visiting scientist in 2014, where she conducted palliative care researches.
Lee, Jung-Ok

Lee, Jung-Ok | M.D.
Speciality : acute leukemia, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, benign hematologic disease

Prof. Lee completed her residency and fellowship at Seoul National University Hospital. She is a specialist in hematology, with particular interest in hematologic malignancy, including lymphoma, acute and chronic leukemia, and multiple myeloma and benign hematologic diseases, and applies hematopoietic stem cell transplantation as indicated treatment. Her main research interest is cancer immunology.
Kim, Jin-Won

Kim, Jin-Won | M.D.
Speciality : gastric, colorectal, pancreatobiliary, hepatocellular carcinoma

Prof. Kim completed his residency and fellowship at Seoul National University Hospital. He is interested in cancer biology and treats gastrointestinal cancers, including stomach cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, and biliary tract cancer, with chemotherapy. He is also actively involved in clinical trials and basic researches.
Kim, Se-Hyun

Kim, Se-Hyun | M.D.
Speciality : breast, lung cancer, genitourinary, and sarcoma

Ji-Won Kim

Ji-Won Kim | M.D.
Speciality : Gastrointestinal, pancreatobiliary, and head and neck cancer

Prof. Ji-Won Kim graduated from Seoul National University College of Medicine in 2005 and completed residency and fellowship program in Seoul National University Hospital. In July 2014, he studied cancer genomics in Kyoto University, Japan. Currently, he is a medical oncologist with a special interest in gastrointestinal, pancreatobiliary, and head and neck cancer. His research focuses on cancer biology and translational research related to anti-cancer therapeutics. He is also involved in a number of clinical studies including early phase clinical trials.


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