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Surgery Department

Introduction to the Department

The Surgery Department performs specialized diagnoses, treatments, and researches for diseases requiring surgical treatments. In particular, this department makes an effort to effectively treat cancers and blood diseases, whose cases are increasing along with aging.

This department recently introduced the laparoscope and endoscope surgery methods, which apply minimum incision about the size of a keyhole, thus placing emphasis on reducing pains and shortening the time for recovery.

These surgeries reduce the complications that may occur after surgery, and have esthetic effects as well as enable fast recovery and early discharge, to allow the patients quickly resume their daily life activities.

The Surgery Department is operating a liver/gallbladder/pancreas clinic, a gastrointestinal clinic, a blood clinic, a breast clinic, and a colon/anal clinic.

Based on the accumulated experience and expertise of our medical workers, we will provide the best diagnoses and treatments and will fully play the role of a leading hospital for laparoscopy.

Our Laparoscopy Team’s achievements that surprised the world

1. Performed laparoscopic hepatic resections on the right posterior area and on a child for the
    first time in the world
2. Performed right hepatic resection and caudate lobe resection for the first time in South Korea
3. Performed pancreas/duodenum resection for positive tumors located on the head part of the
    pancreas for the first time in South Korea
4. Performed more than 1,000 cases of laparoscopic cholecystectomy
5. Performed expanded radical cholecystectomy with laparoscopy on a gallbladder cancer patient for
    the first time in the world
6. Successfully performed more than 650 cases of laparoscopic gastrectomy
7. Performed 500 cases of laparoscopic gastrectomy in the shortest period for the first time in the world
8. Performed more than 500 cases of laparoscopic colon cancer surgery


Noh, Dong-Young

Noh, Dong-Young | M.D.
Specialty : Breast cancer, Surgical oncology

Dr. Noh is a professor of the department of surgery and chief of Comprehensive Cancer Center at the Seoul National University. He specializes in breast cancer research and has published articles on the molecular biology of breast cancer. He is a founding member of the Korea Breast Cancer Foundation and is an active member in many professional organizations.
한호성 의료진 사진

Han, Ho-Seong | M.D.
Specialty  : Liver, biliary, and pancreas surgery; Liver transplantation; Laparoscopic surgery

Professor Han has been pioneers in laparoscopic surgery of hepato-biliary and pancreas surgery. His world-first reports were laparoscopic hepaticojejunostomy in 2004, laparoscopic treatment of intrahepatic bile duct stone in 2004, laparoscopic right posterior sectionectomy in 2006, laparoscopic central bisectionectomy in 2011. His nationwide first reports were laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy in 2010 and laparoscopic pancreaticoduodenectomy for pancreas tumor in 2005. He succeeded laparoscopic donor right hemihepatectomy in 2010 as world first. He performed series of laparoscopic anatomical resection of liver as world wide first reports, such as, monosegmentecomy of S2, S4, S5, S7. and then S1, S6, and S8 resection. He educate hundreds of surgeon on the standard of minimal invasive surgery of hepato-biliary and pancreas area.

Positions held
Professor & chairman, Department of Surgery (2003-2012)
Professor, Department of Surgery, Seoul National University College of Medicine (2003-present)
Vice President, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (Jun.,2014–Jun.,2016)
Director, Future Strategy Bureau (Aug.,2012.8–Dec.,2013)
Director, Comprehensive Cancer Center (Mar., 2011 – Jun., 2016)

President, Korean Study Group of Laparoscopic Liver Surgery(2008-Present)
President, Korean Study Group of Pancreas Surgery(2012-2014)
President, Korean Society of Surgical Metabolism and Nutrition(2014-2016)
Chairman, Korean Society of Surgical Oncology(2014-2016)
President, Korean Society of Traumatology(2015-Present)
Chairman, Korean Society of Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgeons(2016-Present)
Chairman of Public Relations Committee, Korean Society of Hepatobiliary Pancreas Surgery(2009–2011)
Chairman of Scientific Committee & International Relationship, Korean Society of Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition(2008–2012, 2012–2016)
Co-Chairman of Medical Working Group in APAN, Telemedical activity meeting in Asia(2005–Present)
Chairman of Organizing Committee Annual Conferences of Korean Laparoscopic Surgery Update: Postgraduate Course(2006–Present)
Past-Treasurer & Secretary, Organizing committee of ELSA (Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia)(2006)
Past-Treasurer, Organizing committee of 4th AOPA (Asian-OceanicPancreaticAssociation)(2011)
Past-Secretary General, Organizing committee of IAP (International Association of Pancreatology)(2013)
Chairman of Scientific committee, Organizing committee of ELSA (Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia)(2015)
Member of Advisory Committee IASGO (International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists)(2008-Present)
Congress President of World Congress of IASGO 2016(2016)

SAGES(Society of American Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons)
EAES(European Association of Endoscopic Surgery)
ELSA(Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia)
IASGO(International Association of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists)
IHPBA(International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association)
Korean Surgical Society, Korean Society of Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgeons, Korean Association of Hepato- Biliary- Pancreatic Surgery, Korean Society of Gastroenterology, etc.

Editorial Board
Editor in Chief, Journal of Korean Society of Traumatology(2003 – 2011)
Associate Editor, Hepatogastroenterology(2010 – Present)
Editor, Journal of HBPS (2012 – Present)
World J Clin Oncology (2012 – Present)
Surgical Oncology (2013- Present)
World J of Gastroenterology(2013- Present)
World J of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy(2013- Present)
Editor of Gastroenterology Part, Elsevier Medical Case Reports(2010-2011)
Scientific Advisory Board (Asian Pacific Region), Annals of Surgical Oncology
Reviewer, Ann Surgery, British J Surgery, JACS, JAMA Surgery, Surgery, Journal of HBP Surgery, HPB, Pancreas, Digestive Surgery, Surgical Endoscopy, Hepatogastroenterology, Asian Journal of Endoscopic Surgery, Journal of Korean Surgical Society, Journal of Korean Society of Laparoscopic & Endoscopic Surgeons, Journal of Korean Society of Gastroenterology, etc(2011 – Present)

Chapter contribution
Atlas of Surgery: American College of Surgeons
Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplantation: Gallbladder Cancer (Elsevier, in press)
Atlas of Surgery: Korean Society of Surgery (2012)
Atlas of Advanced Operative Surgery (Elsevier, 2011)
Textbook of Surgery: Korean Society of Surgery (2011)
Textbook of Gastrointestinal Diseases (Iljogak, South Korea, 2011)
Textbook of Korean Trauma Assessment and Treatment: Korean Society of Trauma (2010)
Textbook of Hepatobiliary-Pancreatic Surgery 2nd Ed. (Euihak Munhwasa, South Korea, 2006)
Traumatology: Korean Society of Trauma (2005)

Book Editor
Atlas of Laparoscopic Liver Surgery: Korean Society of Laparoscopic Liver Surgery Study Group.
Kim, Hyung-Ho

Kim, Hyung-Ho | M.D.
Specialty : Gastric cancer surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Mininally invasive surgery, Abdominal sarcoma

He was the very first to perform laparoscopic gastrectomy in Korea in 1996 and the first in the world to accomplish 500 cases of laparoscopic gastrectomy in 2006. Thanks to his skills and reputation, cases of laparoscopic gastrectomy steadily increased in Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, finally reaching 3000 cases in 2014. Compared with other domestic and foreign hospitals, complication rate is lower and survival rate is higher in gastric cancer patients.

Memberships, Offices and Committee Assignments in Professional Societies:
Korean Surgical Society : Member
Korean Cancer Association : Director
Korean Gastric Cancer Association, Informatics and Electronics Board : Executive Director
International Gastric Cancer Association : Member
Korean Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Surgery Study (KLASS) : President
Korean Society of Endoscopic & Laparoscopic Surgeon : Editor in Chief
Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA) : Member
World Journal of Gastrointestinal surgery : Editorial Board
Journal of Chinese Clinical Medicine (JCCM) : Editorial Board
Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES) : Member
Fellowship Consortium on Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (FoCALS) : Member
World Journal of Gastroenterology : Editorial Board
Lee, Tae-Seung

Lee, Tae-Seung | M.D.
Specialty : Endovascular or laparoscopic approach for AAA, Vascular reconstruction for DM foot, Mininal invasive surgery

He currently serves as the chief of the Vascular Surgery Division. His main clinical interest is minimal invasive aorta surgery through laparosopic/robotic or endovascular aneurysm repair for the early recovery of patients. His team has performed a number of cases without complications in South Korea, and now moves towards more challenging cases. His personal basic research efforts broadly aim to delineate the function of microcirculation, including therapeutic angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis. Also, he and his team are interested in artificial small-vessel graft development using stem cell strategies.
Kang, Sung-Bum

Kang, Sung-Bum | M.D.
Specialty : Colorectal cancer, laparoscopic surgery, Function-preserving procedure, Fecal incontinence, Eary rehabilitation

Dr. Kang’s clinical interests are colorectal cancer, laparoscopic colorectal surgery, function-preserving procedures for rectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and fecal incontinence surgery. His current research interest is the reconstruction of innervated anal sphincter using muscle stem cell and biocompatible materials. Dr. Kang is also currently performing many clinical trials, including “Randomized Controlled Trial: Laparoscopy vs. Open Surgery for Mid-low Rectal Cancer after Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy.”
Yoon, Yoo-Seok

Yoon, Yoo-Seok | M.D.
Specialty : Liver, pancreas surgery, Laparoscopic surgery

Dr. Yoon completed his surgical residency and fellowship training at Seoul National University Hospital. His primary clinical interests include hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery, with a special interest in laparoscopic surgery involving liver resection, pancreatectomy, and various kinds of biliary surgery. He is also performing laparoscopic or open surgery for retroperitoneal tumors, including those in the adrenal gland.
Park, Do-Joong

Park, Do-Joong | M.D.
Specialty : Gastric cancer surgery, Gastrointestinal surgery, Bariatric & Metabolic surgery, Minimally invasive surgery (Robotic surgery), Abdominal sarcoma

Dr. Park specializes in gastrointestinal surgery and minimally invasive surgery. He has conducted many researches on gastric cancer and has performed numerous surgeries for gastric cancer. He is an active member of the Korean Gastric Cancer Association and the Korean Laparoscopic GI Surgery Study Group. He also performs bariatric and metabolic surgery for morbid obesity.
Kim, Duck-Woo

Kim, Duck-Woo | M.D.
Specialty : Colorectal cancer, Familial cancer, Surgery for colorectal disease

Colorectal surgery
Surgery for colorectal cancer
Laparoscopic and robotic surgery
Hereditary colorectal tumor
Recurrent colorectal cancer

Dr. Kim is a staff member in the Department of Surgery at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and is actively executing his clinical practice as a colorectal surgeon. His areas of interest include all aspects of colorectal cancer and polyps, laparoscopic and robotic surgery for colorectal cancer, recurrent colorectal cancer, molecular biology of colorectal cancer, hereditary colorectal tumors, inflammatory bowel disease, functional colorectal and anal problems, and anal infectious diseases.
He is currently a member of Korean Hereditary Polyposis Registry and Cancer Institute at Seoul National University and has focused on basic research on hereditary colorectal tumor and on the biology of colorectal cancer. Dr. Kim is actively involved in many scientific and medical societies, including the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons and the International Society for Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumors.
He received his degree from Medical College Seoul National University in South Korea, where he also completed his postgraduate research and clinical fellowships.
Cho, Jai Young

Cho, Jai Young | M.D.
Liver transplantation, Liver cancer, Laparoscopic liver resection

Dr. Cho is an expert in surgery of liver disease and liver malignancy and performs advanced laparoscopic liver surgery. He also specializes in liver transplantation. An active clinician and surgeon, Dr. Cho has published many articles in high-ranking journals and has been involved in various kinds of international associations. Dr. Cho gives many lectures in international meetings and trains international fellows and doctors outside from Korea.
Kim, Eun-Kyu

Kim, Eun-Kyu | M.D.
Specialty : Breast cancer, Surgical oncology, Oncoplastic surgery

Dr. Kim is a surgical oncologist with a practice dedicated to the treatment of breast cancer. He performs sophisticated oncoplastic surgical procedures to treat breast cancer. Oncoplastic breast cancer surgery is tumor specific immediate breast reconstruction. It represents the integration of plastic surgery techniques into breast cancer surgery in order to preserve aesthetical outcomes and quality of life of the patients, without compromising local control of disease. It is based on three surgical principles: ideal breast cancer surgery with free tumor margins, immediate breast reconstruction, and immediate symmetry with the other breast.
Oh, Heung-Kwon

Oh, Heung-Kwon | M.D.
Specialty : Colon cancer surgery, Rectal cancer surgery, Hernia surgery, Hemorrhoids

Choi, Jun-Young

Choi, Jun-Young | M.D.
Specialty : Thyroid nodule, Thyroid cancer, Parathyroid disease, Adrenal disease

Kang, Eun-Young

Kang, Eun-Young | M.D.
Specialty : Breast cancer, Surgical oncology, Breast cancer prevention, Cancer genetics, Benign breast disease

Ahn, Sang-Hun

Ahn, Sang-Hun | M.D.
Specialty : Gastrointestinal surgery (especially, stomach, duodenum, and small bowel neosplasm), Bariatric & Metabolic surgery, Minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy, robot, single port surgery), Abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcoma, Hernia clinic

Dr. Ahn’s main clinical interest is minimal invasive surgical treatment of gastric cancer, morbid obesity, sarcoma and hernia. He performed the world-first pure single port distal and total gastrectomy for gastric cancer and have the largest number of cases of single port gastrectomy in the world. And also he performed various kinds of single port laparoscopic surgery, which just leaves 2~2.5cm invisible transumbilical incision and show better postoperative recovery and causes less postoperativce pain. His another main interest is surgery for difficult cases of hernia, which is recurrent or failed in the other clinic.
Choi, YoungRok

Choi, YoungRok | M.D.
Specialty : liver transplantation, laparoscopic surgery (single incision laparoscopic hepatectomy & single incision laparoscopic cholecystectomy)

Professor Choi’s main clinical interest is liver transplantatㅑon and laparoscopic hepatectomy & cholecystectomy using a single incision. His research focuses on immune tolerance after liver transplantation and hepatic steatosis. He also had interest in regenerative medicine in organ transplantation. He won the prize, the Rising Star in 2014 ILTS, ELITA & LICAGE, Liver transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery Fellow Award in 2012 AASLD (American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases)
Park, Hyung Sub

Park, Hyung Sub | M.D.
Specialty : Vascular and endovascular surgery, Kidney transplantation

Dr. Park’s main clinical interests are the treatment of vascular diseases including abdominal aortic aneurysms, peripheral arterial atherosclerotic disease, deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins and formation of arteriovenous fistulas for hemodialysis access. He performs both open surgery and endovascular intervention, and can provide the most appropriate options for treatment based on the patient’s disease characteristics. He is also actively involved in clinical and basic research studies, especially in the field of stem cell research, and has interest in the development of next generation vascular devices.
Kim, Hyun-Young

Kim, Hyun-Young | M.D.



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