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Department of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery

Introduction to the Department

The Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery deals with diseases in the chest; it is divided into the Cardiovascular Surgery Department and the General Thoracic (lung andesophagus surgery) Department.

The Cardiovascular Surgery Department belongs to the Cardiovascular Center and deals with corrective and palliative surgeries for various kinds of congenital heart diseases, aorta diseases, coronary artery diseases, valvular heart diseases, and peripheral vascular diseases (varicose veins). Our institution is one of the leading groups in aorta surgery and robotic minimally invasive cardiac surgery. The General Thoracic Surgery Department belongs to the Respiratory Center and deals with surgeries for tumors such as lung cancer, esophagus cancer, and mediastinal tumor, and also with surgical treatments for thoracic diseases such as pneumothorax, hyperhidrosis, congenital lung abnormalities, benign esophageal diseases, inflammatory lung diseases, and congenital chest wall deformities. In particular, this department performs minimally invasive surgeries using thoracoscopy for less pain and faster recovery.

Our Cardiovascular Surgery Team always collaborates with the Department of Cardiology and Radiology through medical conferences to give each patient the best medical treatment option. The Lung Cancer Clinic has been maintaining close cooperation systems with each of the following six departments since the hospital’s establishment to construct a fast medical service system wherein outpatients can receive medical services on the day of their visit: Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Department of Internal Medicine for Pulmonology, Department of Oncology, Department of Radiation Oncology, Department of Radiology, and Department of Pathology.

Jheon, Sang-Hoon

Jheon, Sang-Hoon | M.D.

Professor Sanghoon Jheon, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor Jheon graduated Kyungpook National University School of Medicine (Daegu, Korea) in 1984, receiving his Ph.D. degree in 1994. After finishing residency and his military obligations as a medical officer of the Korean Army, he started his professional carrier in 1994. Currently he is chair professor of the Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, College of Medicine, Seoul National University which administers the department of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery of 3 affiliated hospitals of Seoul National University College of Medicine: Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital and Seoul Metropolitan Government Borame Hospital. He is also an adjunct professor at the Department of Surgery, Tokyo Medical University, Japan and New Journey Cancer Hospital in Beijing, China.

He has mainly worked at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH) since 2003 and currently he is also serving as Chief Financial and Strategy Officer.

He is engaged in a multitude of domestic and international medical societies, and serves as on the editorial board of many medical journals. He is a member of the Academy of Medicine of Korea. He is one the only two thoracic surgeons who are members of this prestigious academy.

He initiated multicenter studies in Korea and has exerted a huge impact on young thoracic surgeons through collaborative studies. He is also one of very few thoracic surgeons who have his own research laboratories. He is administering a variety of studies in different fields of basic research, in addition to his significant clinical achievements and provides research opportunities for young thoracic surgeons, regardless of their institution.

He is founder of Asia Thoracoscopic Surgery Education Program (ATEP) which is known as a representative education program of thoracoscopic surgery in Asia. He also organized the Korean Thoracoscopic Surgery Study Group and published the ‘Video Atlas of Thoracoscopic Surgery’. He is also one of 4 founding members of the Asia Thoracic Surgical Club (ATSC) which was established in 2001.

Not only does he publish many scientific papers in major journals, he is invited to lecture around the world. He designed the Global Medical Academy in SNUBH and has been inviting a series of board-certified doctors (numbering over 250) from the city of Moscow for 2-week education courses. By this initiative the SNUBH Global Medical Academy has begun to expand its capacity to other countries. He is an open minded and creative surgeon, ready to welcome innovation. Details of his multifaceted activities are in the following personal resume.

Park, Kay-Hyun

Park, Kay-Hyun | M.D.

Chief, Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Prof. Park is one of the most esteemed cardiac surgeons in South Korea. His reputation is based on his accomplishment in complex coronary artery bypass grafting with the use of arterial grafts and the off-pump technique, reconstructive surgery of cardiac valves, and on top of these, aortic surgery. His team has been accumulating the largest volume and the best outcomes in the field of aortic dissection and thoracic/thoracoabdominal aneurysms. In addition to the conventional open surgery, his current interest is the less-invasive treatment of aortic diseases with endovascular (stent grafting) or hybrid repair.
Kim, Kwhan-Mien

Kim, Kwhan-Mien | M.D.

Chief, Lung Center, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital

Prof. Kim has been a pioneer in VATS (video-assisted thoracic surgery) and is a well-known thoracic surgeon worldwide. He established VATS lobectomy for lung cancer and the VATS Ivor Lewis operation for esophageal cancer. He reported having performed the largest number of VATS lobectomy procedures in South Korea. He is presently the chief of the Respiratory Center and is in charge of the lung transplantation program in our hospital. He was the chief organizer of the VATS Center for Excellence Education Program for Asian thoracic surgeons. He and Dr. Jheon co-published the educational DVD “Video Atlas of VATS” for trainees. Also, he has conducted several demonstrations of live surgery (VATS lobectomy) in Asian countries and has contributed greatly to the improvement of the VATS technique and to promoting it among Asian surgeons. In the area of animal research, his group is experimenting on a new preservation solution of lung transplantation to reduce ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Lim, Cheong

Lim, Cheong | M.D.

Prof. Lim is a cardiovascular surgeon specializing in adult cardiac surgeries such as coronary bypass, valve repair or replacement, and aortic surgery. He also performs congenital cardiac and peripheral vascular surgery. Team approach and opinion-leading excellence are the key concepts of his team in the Cardiovascular Center. Therefore, his team consists of experts in endovascular surgery, minimally invasive cardiac surgery, and robotic surgery. He organizes and directs the robotic cardiac surgical program and operates high-end educational and training facilities in the hospital. As an academic surgeon, he has trained many fellow cardiovascular surgeons and students who wanted to have skilled hands and minds. He also has great interest in medical informatics and has contributed much to the success of the first 100% fully digital hospital in the world, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.
Cho, Sukki

Cho, Sukki | M.D.
Specialty : Lung cancer, Esophageal cancer, Mediastinal tumor, Chest wall deformity. Robotic surgery, Single-port surgery

Professor Sukki Cho specializes in thoracic oncology and benign thoracic disease. He has much experience in minimal invasive thoracic surgeries, especially single-port and robotic surgery. His research focuses on the biology of lung cancer (women lung cancer, early stage lung cancer, circulating tumor cell). He also had interest in the Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopic localization and airway intervention.
Kim, Jun-Sung

Kim, Jun-Sung | M.D.

Prof. Kim is a cardiovascular surgeon specializing in coronary artery bypass, valvular heart disease, and aortic surgery. He is very much interested in end-stage heart failure treatment with mechanical circulatory support devices such as artificial heart, temporary cardiopulmonary support (ECMO, IABP), and ventricular assist device (VAD). Together with Prof. Park, Prof. Kim started a cardiac transplantation program in our institution in spring 2013. He is also an active member of the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation. Another concern of his is the surgical treatment of arrythymia with the thoracoscopic approach.
Kim, Dong-Jung

Kim, Dong-Jung | M.D.

Jang, Hyo-Jun

Hyo-Jun, Jang | M.D.
Specialty : Pneumothorax, Thoracic trauma, Hyperhidrosis, Mediastinal tumor


Chung, Su-Ryeun

Chung, Su-Ryeun | M.D.



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