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Orthopedic surgery

Introduction to the Department

The orthopedic surgery department is working with the Department of Internal Medicine for rheumatism and the diagnostic radiology department at the joint center for general diagnoses, treatments, education, and research related to diseases in bones, joints, nerves, and muscles in the spine and in the limbs.

This department treats for traumas, diseases, deformations, and tumors of the bone and joints. Moreover, this department operates special clinics for each of the 8 special areas (knee joints and sports medicine, hip joint, bone and soft tissue tumors and upper limb diseases, spine, children’s orthopedic and cerebral palsy, feet disease and deformation clinic, rheumatism disease clinic, hand diseases, and fine surgery) to provide more specialized medical services.

The orthopedic surgery department of this hospital performs more than 3,000 surgeries such as cerebral palsy surgeries, surgeries for degenerative arthritis and bone fractures around the hip joint using artificial hip joints, surgeries for degenerative arthritis using artificial knee joints, surgeries to restore rotator cuff/articular labrum ruptures using arthroscopes, etc.

Koo, Kyung-Hoi

Koo, Kyung-Hoi | M.D.

Dr. Koo, leader of the Hip Joint Division of SNU Bundang Hospital Joint Center, has been working on the researches regarding pathogenesis, natural history, and prognosis of the femoral head osteonecrosis. He is a world expert on osteotomy; a joint preserving operation in patients with osteonecrosis. He serves as the president of ARCO (Association Research Circulation Osseous), international expert group for osteonecrosis since 2012. Dr. Koo has performed thousands of hip joint replacements and he has extensive specialty training in the surgical treatment of complex hip disorders, including secondary or revision joint replacement surgery and infected joints. Dr. Koo has been instrumental in bringing a revolutionary hip replacement; ceramic-on-ceramic total hip arthroplasty. His team developed a new hip prosthesis for revision surgery and osteoporotic hip fracture. He has published over 60 articles and book chapters regarding femoral head osteonecrosis, osteotomy and hip replacement arthroplasty. His team is presently working on new techniques of arthroscopic surgery in several hip disease including femoroacetabular impingement and sports injury around hip joint.
Yeom, Jin Sup

Yeom, Jin-Sup | M.D.
Specialty : Cervical spine surgery

Yeom, Jin-Sup | M.D., Ph.D., Professor

Professor Yeom specializes only in cervical spine surgery and he is not doing thoraco-lumbar surgery. Particularly, he is interested in highly difficult cervical operations. He is also interested in computer-assisted surgery including presurgical computer simulation, which he is doing before most of his highly-challenging cervical operations such as C1-C2 surgery and/or cervical screw fixation.
Kim, Tae-Kyun

Kim, Tae-Kyun | M.D.

Professor Kim is the section chief at the Patellar Surgery Division of SNU Bundang Hospital Joint Center. He is currently engaged in the diagnosis, research, and education for patients with patellar diseases. He took orthopedic and knee joint surgeon courses at SNU Hospital. He earned his PhD in joint cartilage regeneration by tissue engineering and did researches on arthroplasty, sports medical science, and tissue engineering at Louisville Arthroplasty Center (Kentucky) and Johns Hopkins Hospital in USA. With his remarkable accomplishments in diagnosis and research performance on total knee arthroplasty and ligament reconstruction, he currently participates in a project that aims at developing optimal artificial joints for Asians by running a multinational research team (Korea, Japan, China, India, and Australia).
Oh, Joo Han

Oh, Joo-Han | M.D.
Specialty : Shoulder surgery & Sports medicine including Arthroscopy, Arthroplasty, Fracture

Professor Oh and his team take charge of shoulder diseases and sports-related injury. He specializes in arthroscopy and minimally invasive surgery for rotator cuff tear, labral tears (SLAP lesion or Bankart lesion in shoulder instability), osteoarthritis, and fractures​ around shoulder. Recently, his considerable experience on surgical technique and clinical research works result better outcomes in patients with primary osteoarthritis and cuff tear arthropathy due to increasing interests on arthroplasty, He also runs a ​s​ports ​medicine ​clinic for baseball, golf, and tennis professionals and general ​populations with ​sports injuries on ​shoulder. For basic research, ​he focuses on joint disorder from biomechanical and biologic perspective​​ using cadavers and animals, as well as stem cell, PRP and so on​. By outstanding basic science research on rotator cuff healing model with animals, he received 'Charles Neer Award' in 2013 and 'NIRA Award' in 2016 which are only provided to the best researcher who contributed to the understanding, care or prevention of injuries to the shoulder and elbow. His other interest is 2D/3D kinematic models of joints using computer-based virtual figure dra​wings​ and motion analysis​. He has published more than 130 SCI papers until now. In 2016, he successfully accomplished hosting the 13th ICSES (International Congress of Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons) as the Secretary General, and actively participate the international meetings and symposiums to share his knowledges and experiences with world-famous surgeons as well as to educate young doctors. Also, he is now serves as a chief of Field Doctor Team for LG Twins (Korean Professional Baseball Team).
Gong, Hyun-Sik

Gong, Hyun-Sik | M.D.
Specialty : Hand and wrist surgery, Elbow surgery

Dr. Gong Hyun-sik is a hand surgeon and treats hand, wrist, and elbow diseases. In particular, he is interested in neuromuscular problems of the hand and upper extremity, including 1) peripheral nerve disease and tendon reconstruction after nerve or tendon injuries, and 2) upper extremity surgery for cerebral palsy and tetraplegia after cervical injuries. He is also an expert in trauma surgeries, mainly in wrist and elbow injuries. Common conditions that he treats are, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tennis elbow, cubital tunnel syndrome, wrist and elbow fractures and dislocations, and congenital hand and foot anomalies.
Cho, Hwan-Seong

Cho, Hwan-Seong | M.D.

Dr. Cho and his colleagues have been working in the orthopaedic oncology field. He treats bone and soft tissue tumor including bone cancers, soft tissue sarcomas and benign bone and soft tissue tumors. He is also specialized in pelvic bone cancer, and bone cancer of children. He is a pioneer of the computer-assisted bone tumor surgery which is very helpful for joint and/or growth plate preservation in bone cancer surgery.
Park, Moon-Seok

Park, Moon-Seok | M.D.

An orthopedist, Park is noted for his excellent performance in research on and diagnosis of pediatric orthopedic diseases, cerebral palsy, and podiatric diseases (cerebral palsy and neuromuscular diseases affecting patients over a lifetime). In particular, he is world-renowned for surgical treatment in the following areas: cerebral palsy through gait analysis; hip joint dislocation; neurogenic podiatry.
Lee, Yong Seuk

Lee, Yong Seuk| M.D.
Specialty : Knee & Sports medicine

Associate Professor (MD, PhD)

Department of orthopedic surgery (Knee & Sports medicine)
Seoul National University College of Medicine, Bundang Hospital
Tel) 031-787-7201
Kim, Ho-Jung


Lee, Young-Kyun

Lee, Young-Kyun | M.D.

Professor Lee actively practices on patients with degenerative hip diseases, hip fracture and osteoporosis. He deals with approximately 300 cases of hip joint surgery annually and has approximately 10 clinical publications per year. He also specializes in hip joint arthroscopy with minimum incisions with regard to hip-joint sports injuries. In his osteoporosis clinic, he diagnoses geriatric patients and educates them on fracture prevention.
Lee, Kyung-Min

Lee, Kyung-Min | M.D.

Sung, Ki Hyuk

Sung, Ki-Hyuk | M.D.

Park, Sang-Min

Park, Sang-Min| M.D.
Specialty : Degenerative spinal disease (Spinal stenosis, Disc herniation, minimally invasive spinal surgery), Spine tumor, Spine fracture, Osteoporosis, Sarcopenia

Professor Park graduated from Chung-Ang University College of Medicine and had residency training in Chung-Ang University Hospital. He majored spinal surgery as a clinical fellow at Seoul National University Hospital. Prof. Park specializes in spinal surgery of degenerative spinal disease (minimally invasive technique), spine tumor and vertebral fracture.


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