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Dermatology Department

Introduction to the Department

The Dermatology Department has a staff consisting of almost 30 medical workers, including professors, dedicated doctors, residents, and clinical & research nurses, and operates various special clinics based on the specific specializations of the professors, such as a vitiligo clinic, an IPL/laser clinic, a hair transplant clinic, an acne clinic, and a skin surgery clinic.

With various kinds of lasers, including Nd-YAG laser, Er-YAG laser, V-beam laser, and carbon dioxide laser, and with intense pulsed light (IPL), this department administers treatments for various diseases, such as various kinds of pigmentary diseases, removes vascular lesions, performs skin regeneration, etc.

In addition to laser, this department has light therapy equipment, various kinds of skin measurement equipment, and various skincare equipment, thus performing diagnoses and treatments of skin diseases in various areas as well as skin aesthetic treatments using laser and peeling. It also conducts skin pathophysiological examinations and scientific skin treatments based on examinations.

Treatments & Services

Vitiligo; pigmentary diseases, including melasma, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, and cutaneous tumor; dermatological surgery; alopecia, scalp diseases; skin aging; etc.

Park, Kyoung-Chan

Park, Kyoung-Chan | M.D.
Specialty : vitiligo, melasma, pigmentary disorders, atopic dermatitis

The researches in Dr. Park's laboratory focus on pigmentary disorders, skin stem cells, and cosmetic sciences. Dr. Park is the vice president of the International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies. His laboratory is based in Bundang Seoul National University Hospital and employs a range of techniques, including cell biology, molecular biology, and tissue engineering technology. Dr. Park is also the research director of Welskin Co. and is actively developing a new concept of cosmetics and a new material for topical dermatologic agents.
Youn, Sang-Woong

Youn, Sang-Woong | M.D.
Specialty : psoriasis, acne, rosacea, bioengineering of the skin

Dr. Youn’s researches are focused on the surface physiology of normal and problematic skin. Sebaceous-gland function, skin elasticity, skin color, profilometry, and microscopic evaluation of skin surface morphology are his main interests and are the areas of research in his laboratory. His laboratory uses many bioengineering devices to elucidate the skin surface change in some diseases, such as acne and psoriasis. He has written numerous papers about sebum secretion and skin type in acne patients. His current works are on the objective evaluation of the disease severity of psoriasis using some bioengineering parameters.
Huh, Chang-Hun

Huh, Chang-Hun | M.D.
Specialty : Skin cancer, Skin surgery, Hair loss/Scalp disease, Hair Transplantation

Huh, Chang-Hun, M.D., Ph.D.


Bachelor of Science in Medicine, SNU College of Medicine (1995) Master of Science in Medicine, SNU College of Medicine (2003)
Ph.D., SNU College of Medicine (current) 

Professional experience
Intern and resident, Skin Dept. of SNU Hospital (2003)
Clinical instructor, SNU Bundang Hospital (2003)
Part-time instructor, SNU Bundang Hospital (2004)
Professor, SNU Bundang Hospital (2004 - present)

Professional societies
Korean Dermatological Association Korean Society for Investigative Dermatology Korean Hair Research Society Korean Society of Aesthetic Dermatological Surgery Korean Society for Medical Mycology Korean Dendritic Cell Academic Society Atopic Dermatitis Research Society Complementary Medicine Committee of Korean Medical Association Special Committee, Complementary Alternative Medicine of Korean Academy of Medicine Korean Medical Association’s Treatment Supplements Classification Committee Secretary-general, Korean Complementary Alternative Medicine Society New York Academy of Medicine American Society of Investigative Dermatology International Society of Dermatological Surgery
Na, Jung-Im

Na, Jung-Im | M.D.
Specialty : atopic dermatitis, pediatric dermatology, vitiligo, pigment cell disorders

Prof. Na graduated from SNU College of Medicine and is currently practicing at SNU Bundang Hospital. She specializes in skin pigmentation disorders, atopic dermatitis, pediatric and female skin disorders, and aesthetic treatments. Dr. Na currently conducts various laser treatments for skin pigmentation disorders, epidermic grafting for vitiligo, and cell transplantation. She is also involved in a study on the application of autologous platelet rich plasma in skin disorders.
Shin, Jung-Won

Shin, Jung-Won | M.D.
Specialty :Hair disease, Scar, Laser therapy, Skin tumor surgery

Dr. Shin’s main clinical interest is hair disease, scar, laser therapy, and skin tumor surgery. Especially, she is interest in hair loss diseases including alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia and also in scalp diseases. In addition, she has much experience in laser surgery for treating scars, cosmetic diseases, and other medical conditions. Her researches focus on operation scar prevention.


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