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Introduction to the Department

The Urology Department can be said to be handling a special surgery area that involves diagnosing various diseases, such as those afflicting the urinary-tract-system organs (kidney, ureter, urinary bladder, urethra); male-reproduction-related diseases afflicting the male penis, testis, spermatic duct, and prostate; and female urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction, and treating the disease mainly using surgical methods.

The representative diseases dealt with by the Urology Department include prostate cancer, which has recently shown the highest increase rate among the various kinds of cancer in South Korea, along with urinary-system tumors such as bladder cancer and renal cell carcinoma; prostatic diseases, which are common among middle-aged or older men (prostatic hypertrophy, prostatitis); urolithiasis and female urinary incontinence, whose number of cases has been on the rise of late; and various kinds of dysuria, urinary-tract infection, male sexual dysfunction, congenital urinary-system malformation, urinary-system trauma, male infertility, etc.

The department is carrying out specialized diagnoses and treatments as well as researches on urinary-system diseases requiring surgical treatments, and is doing its best to maintain the highest level of excellence in South Korea with regard to the treatments of prostate cancer and various kinds of urinary-system tumors, which are rapidly spreading due to the aging of the population.

In particular, this department recently introduced the laparoscope surgery method, which involves minimum incisions; hence, the excellent aesthetic effects and fast recovery after surgery, and the minimization of complications. For prostatic diseases, etc., this department introduced laser endoscope surgery equipment that improved endoscopic surgeries by one notch, thereby taking the lead in advancing urological-surgery methods in South Korea.

Treatments & Services

This department is equipped with the best and newest equipment in South Korea, such as laparoscopic- surgery equipment, laser prostate surgery equipment, urodynamic-study devices for the diagnoses of dysuria, magnetic-field chair for the treatment of urinary-incontinence patients, urinary-incontinence treatment devices such as the bio feedback and electrostimulation treatment device, ultrasonography devices, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy machines, and various kinds of endoscopy devices.

이상은 의료진 사진

Lee, Sang-Eun | M.D.
Specialty : Prostate cancer, Kidney cancer, Bladder cancer, Robotic surgery

Professor Lee Sang-eun specializes in urological oncology. In particular, he has much experience in surgical procedures, including surgeries for renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. Also, he is considered an expert in performing various state-of-the-art robotic surgeries, including robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy for prostate cancer. In addition, Professor Lee collaborates with others in conducting various researches on prostate cancer, molecular biology, and gene therapy.
변석수 의료진 사진

Byun, Seok-Soo | M.D.
Specialty : Prostate cancer, Kidney cancer, Robotic surgery, Laparoscopic surgery

Professor Byun Seok-soo specializes in urological oncology and endourology. He has much experience in laparoscopic and robot-assisted laparoscopic surgery. He is currently collecting data with regard to the nationwide laparoscopic urologic surgeries.
박관진 의료진 사진

Park, Kwanjin | M.D.
Specialty : hypospadias, vesicoureteral reflux, urinary incontinence

Doctor Park is well-known expert in the field of pediatric urology. He is currently working as a chief of pediatric urology in Seoul National University Children's Hospital. He has written dozens of international paper as well as a couple of book chapter in pediatric urology. His main interest focuses repair of penile abnormality (hypospadias and epispadias), noninvasive treatment of vesicoureteral reflux and treatment of voiding dysfunction.

Hong, Sung Kyu | M.D.
Specialty : prostate cancer, robotic surgery, kidney cancer, bladder cancer, BPH and other prostatic diseases

Professor Sung Kyu Hong specializes in various urological cancers, including prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. He performs various uro-oncological surgeries, including robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy and other minimal invasive procedures. He has completed visiting investigatorship at Sidney Kimmel Center for Prostate and Urologic Cancers, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, NY, NY, USA. Having spent many years in USA, Professor Hong, fluent in English, is certainly capable of meeting the needs of international patients. He is very much interested in prostate cancer and has authored more than 100 articles published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. He is currently serving as an editorial board member of Case Report in Urology and an associate editor of Korean Journal of Urology. Professor Hong also has been a part of several large-scale, international clinical trials on the management of urological cancers. Performing various endoscopic surgeries, he also manages other benign prostatic diseases, such as BPH and prostatitis.
정성진 의료진 사진

Jeong, Seong-Jin | M.D.
Specialty : Voiding dysfunction, Urinary incontinence, Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Overactive bladder, Urologic reconstruction

Professor Jeong is an active clinician and surgeon in the field of voiding dysfunction and prostatic diseases, such as overactive bladder, incontinence, neurogenic bladder, and BPH. He has conducted researches on various receptors in the urothelium and detrusor muscle, and plans to develop organ bath experiments. Professor Jeong is currently actively involved in the surgical treatment of male incontinence and in neuromodulation for overactive bladder. Also, he combines medical treatments for patients with various voiding dysfunctions.
이상철 의료진 사진

Lee, Sang-Chul | M.D.
Specialty : Prostate cancer, Kidney cancer, Bladder cancer, Robotic surgery, Urologic cancer chemotherapy

Professor Lee Sang-chul specializes in prostate cancer, kidney cancer, and bladder cancer. In particular, he has obtained good results in surgeries for renal cell carcinoma, bladder cancer, and prostate cancer. Also, he is performing various state-of-the-art robotic surgeries, including robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy for prostate cancer. In addition, Professor Lee collaborates with others in conducting various researches on molecular & genetic studies.

Oh, Jong Jin | M.D.
Specialty : Urinary stone, bladder cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia, laparoscopic surgery

Professor Jong Jin Oh specializes in Endoscopic urologic surgery in field of urologic stone disease, bladder cancer and prostatic disease. He has much experience in minimal invasive surgery including laparosopic, ureterorenoscopic, and robotic surgery. He has many academic results from genetic study and clinical study.

Kim, Jung Jun | M.D.
Specialty : Andrology, Prostate Cancer, Prostate Disease, Kidney Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Incontinence, Urinary Stone, Prostate Laser Surgery, Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Kim's urological clinic is specialized for international patients and focused on the optiminal treatment based on collaboration with patient's primary doctor of his own country. Patients would be fully ackowledged all of the clinical process by Dr. Kim from initial diagnosis to treatment with fluent English communication skill. Optimal and up-to date care for all of the international patients is guaranteed by Dr. Kim. Dr. Kim's clinic is specialized for andrology, voiding dysfunction, urinary stone and urological cancer.


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