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Dentistry Department

Introduction to the Department

This department performs treatments of various diseases, traumas, malformations, defects, etc., occurring in the teeth or gum or around the oral cavity. Treatments can be received at the department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, department of of prosthetics, department of conservative dentistry, department of orthodontics, and department of periodontics. In particular, this department established a Dental Implant Center to realize good diagnoses and treatments in collaboration with the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, department of Prosthetics, and department of Periodontics in relation to implant treatments.

Dental Implant Center

The Dental Implant Center specializes in dental implants as a solution for the millions of people who have permanently lost a tooth or several teeth and who use dentures. Implants, made of materials that are compatible with human bone and tissue, provide artificial teeth that look natural and feel secure. They also can be used to attach full or partial dentures. The facility offers a range of implant systems and procedures, including hard and soft tissue grafting. CBCT scanning and computer analysis are available to evaluate implant placement.

Natural Teeth Center

The desire to preserve and maintain natural teeth is part of human nature. We provide effective solutions for your natural-teeth problems and make it possible for you to use your own teeth as long as possible. In SNUBH Surgical endodontic treatments (apical surgery, intentional replantation, tooth transplantation) are not challenging treatments. In SNUBH, These surgeries for saving natural teeth are common daily procedures. Please visit our Natural Teeth Center before deciding on having your tooth extracted. There is nothing better than your own natural teeth.

Treatments & Services

  • Dental implant center : implants, treatment of implant and of the gingiva around the implant
  • Saving Natural Teeth Clinic: Apical surgery, intentional replantation, tooth transplantation
  • Oral & Maxillofacial: wisdom teeth extraction, placement of dental implants, treatment of orofacial pain and TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction) and surgical treatment of injuries and developmental malformations of the mouth, jaws, and related facial structures.
  • Periodontics: Preventive care and treatment of gum disease and disease of tooth-supporting tissues. We also place dental implants and perform surgical procedures to enhance the appearance of the teeth and gums.
  • Prosthodontics: Advanced reconstructive dental care for severely damaged teeth to return function and esthetics to the patient. Services include dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures.
  • Conservative dentistry: Treatment of infected and traumatized teeth with root canal therapy. Treatment of decayed teeth with crowns, amalgam, composite restorations, inlays. Esthetic dental treatments including laminates and bleaching.
  • Orthodontics: Treatment of malocclusions (improper bites), which may be a result of tooth irregularity, disproportionate jaw relationships, or both.
Kim Young-kyun

Kim, Young-Kyun | D.D.S.
Specialty: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dentomaxillofacial Deformity, Temporomandibular Disorder, Dental Implant Surgery

Dr. Kim, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, completed his Master’s and doctoral courses at Seoul National University Dentistry College. He has also educated many dentistry students and dentists since 1992. His major fields of study are dentofacial deformity, temporomandibular disorder, and endosseous implant. He has published 579 articles[SCI(E): 102] and 65 books to date, and has obtained a variety of domestic and foreign patents for biomaterials. He developed a new bone graft material using autogenous teeth.
Yun, Pil-Young

Yun, Pil-Young | D.D.S.

Prof. Yun, a junior faculty member of the Department of Dentistry, performs clinical practice involving oral and maxillofacial surgery. He is interested in clinical research design and biostatistics, and in dentistry implants and biomaterials. He has completed many papers as the corresponding author, first author, or co-author. He completed his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard School of Dentistry Medicine in Boston (Dec. 2009-Nov. 2010).
Yi Yang-jin

Yi, Yang-Jin | D.D.S.
Specialty: Prosthodontics

D.D.S., Ph.D

Dr. Yi is a prosthodontist whose research interest is the evaluation of advanced ceramics longevity. He is trying to develop a methodology that matches the results of laboratory tests with a clinical-failure pattern. Dr. Yi is also interested in the non-destructive detection of a latent crack in the ceramic fracture behavior. His clinical research focuses on the biomechanics of dental implants related to occlusal overload.
Lee, Nam-Ki

Lee, Nam-Ki | D.D.S.

A dental orthodontist, Dr. Lee worked at the Gangneung National College of Dentistry and at the university hospital as an adjunct professor. He deals with patients with maxillofacial abnormalities and is particularly interested in the diagnosis of and research on “surgery-first orthodontic treatment.” With regard to the Class II and III malocclusion treatments of growing children, he is currently doing an intensive research involving biodynamic analysis and clinical study for orthopedic treatment, using skeletal anchorage and clinical studies.
Lee, Hyo-Jung

Lee, Hyo-Jung| D.D.S.
Specialty: periodontal treatment, periodontal regeneration therapy, esthetic gingival surgery, implant surgery, halitosis

D.D.S., Ph.D

Dr. Lee, an American-board-certified (Diplomate) periodontist, completed her residency at the University of Boston’s Goldman Dentistry School, which is well known for periodontal residency and research. An active clinician and researcher, Dr. Lee conducted a research entitled "Association between Periodontitis and Cerebrovascular Disease, Especially Stroke.” Besides this, she has been involved in several studies, including new implant model experiment and halitosis with gastric disease (in collaboration with the Department of Internal Medicine) and reasearch regarding association periodontal disease with cognitive dysfunction.
Choi, Yong-Hoon

Choi, Yong-Hoon | D.D.S.
Specialty : Saving natural teeth(Intentional Replantation, Autotransplantation of teeth, Apical surgery)

Prof. Choi, D.D.S., an endodontist, is interested in and exerts special efforts in the field of hopeless tooth-saving. Apicoectomy, intentional replantation, and human-tooth autotransplantation are the major procedures being carried out by his Dentistry Team. With the extension of human life and the development of dental implants, the importance of and desire for human-tooth conservation are growing. This social desire makes more people want to avail of the related procedures. Choi’s research group under goes further investigation on periodontal tissue regeneration.
Jo, Deuk Won

Jo, Deuk Won | D.D.S.

Park, Shin-Young

Park, Shin-Young | D.D.S.
Specialty : Periodontal disease, esthetic gingival plastic surgery, dental implant

D.D.S., Ph.D 

Dr. Park’s main clinical interest is periodontal disease and regenerative therapy including bone. Her research field is tissue engineering-based periodontal regeneration.
Lee, Seung-Cheol

Lee, Seung-Cheol | D.D.S.
Specialty : Periodontal disease, Dental implant

Dr. Lee's main field of clinical interest is periodontal disease and regenerative therapy including bone. He also had interest in the dental implant and peri-implantitis including long-term maintenance of implant.
Choi, Eun-Ju-

Sohn, Suh-Jin | D.D.S.



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