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Department of Laboratory Medicine

Introduction to the Department

The Department of Laboratory Medicine of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital provides professional clinical laboratory services and education for trainees, and performs cutting-edge research.
We offer testing for various subspecialties, including diagnostic hematology, clinical chemistry, diagnostic immunology, clinical microbiology, transfusion medicine, cell therapy, and diagnostic molecular genetics. In addition to general testing, our department operates a blood bank for the provision of safe blood for transfusion, and a phlebotomy unit for the specimen collection of outpatient clinics.
From general testing to special laboratory items, our strong emphasis on continuous quality improvement allows us to provide good-quality laboratory test results to clinicians and patients, supporting the clinical services provided by Seoul National University Bundang Hospital.
Educational courses for medical students and trainees are provided by the Department of Laboratory Medicine. Its four-year residency training program and one- to two-year subspecialty fellowship training program are recognized as among the best in the country.
Our goal is to provide the highest-quality clinical laboratory services and to lead the field of laboratory medicine in the world.

Song, Jung-Han

Song, Jung-Han | M.D.

Dr. Song’s clinical interests are in clinical chemistry and biochemical genetic testing. His research focuses are the development of new tests for the diagnosis of inherited metabolic disorders and the application of mass spectrometry in various clinical laboratory fields.
Park, Kyoung-Un

Park, Kyoung-Un | M.D.

Dr. Park is the director of the Department of Laboratory Medicine of Seoul National University Bundang Hospital. He is in charge of the Transfusion Medicine and Molecular Diagnostics Unit. His interests include immunogenetics, cellular therapy, and molecular diagnostics of infectious agents such as Mycobacterium.
Hwang, Sang-Mee

Hwang, Sang-Mee | M.D.
Specialty : Diagnostic Hemaltology

Dr. Hwang’s clinical interests are in diagnostic hematology, especially the diagnosis of blood disorders and cytogenetics. She is involved in researches to help understand the pathophysiology of hematologic malignancies, and in the development of new diagnostic tools for clinical practice.
Park, Jeong Su

Park, Jeong Su | M.D.
Specialty : Clinical microbiology, Healthcare-associated infection control

Hong, Yun-Ji

Hong, Yun-Ji | M.D.

Lee, Kyunghoon

Lee, Kyunghoon | M.D.
Specialty : clinical chemistry



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