Seoul National University Bundang Hospital,
will become the hospital for the people, leading the standard of the world’s medical service!
The reason why hospitals make a way that has never existed in the world. This length, which extends one area of medical care to the area of greater possibility Because it is a pathway for innovation.

Focusing on the essence of medical care, pioneering new fields
The path of connection and convergence that leads to a better future.
The best medical staff
The hospital for the people,
gaining full trust with integrated
medical service focused on patients
We not only provide patient-oriented medical services with consideration and love from the bottom of our heart—we also offer personalized treatment optimized for each patient through a multidisciplinary integrated treatment system. In particular, we are building a treatment model to take care of severe and rare diseases and high-risk diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular and brain-nervous system diseases, organ transplantation, and congenital genetic diseases as well as chronic and mild diseases.
Train the medical staff
of the next generation
Global hospital cultivating
the leaders of the world’s medical industry
We provide systematic and devoted training for medical students, residents, specialists, and professors and make all-out efforts to cultivate global talents who will lead the next-generation medical services. We are providing all-out support to reinforce the capabilities of medical professionals who are nurturing their dreams of becoming a Hippocrates while broadening their areas of expertise with forward-looking thinking.
Relentless research
and challenge
The creative hospital that generates
new research models on an entirely different level
SNUBH has established the Healthcare Innovation Park, a hospital-led convergence research complex, for the first time in Korea. We will become a hospital that not only continues to lead innovation in the healthcare industry through creative research but also provides precise medical service by finding accurate treatment methods through analysis of personal lifestyle, genome, and environmental analysis and come up with new research models, attract infrastructure, and overseas medical life enterprises.
The world’s first
smart hospital
Digital hospital leading the development
for the future healthcare
SNUBH received 7-step certification from the American Medical Information Society, the highest level of informatization for medical institutions, for the first time besides the US. In addition, the hi-tech smart environment available only at SNUBH promotes patient safety and convenience even before visiting the hospital and until discharge. SNUBH will continue to make efforts to have a competitive edge globally and to globalize the Korean-style hospital information system.
The optimal environment
for healing
Value-oriented hospital that puts
patients first
To create a healing environment that puts the patient’s happiness and health first, the building was designed to welcome the patients and respect humans, where light and wind flow naturally inside and natural fragrance permeate. We will provide various events and entertainment to give rest and relaxation to our life and become the SNUBH that offers happiness and pleasure everywhere in the hospital.
Social contribution
The hospital of hope ensuring
warm encounters
With the heart of becoming a warm hospital that changes the world into a healthy and beautiful place, this is the SNUBH that sheds the last sweat for our neighbors and the precious lives in distant places abroad. In addition, in order to perform the role of the nation’s central hospital, we have established optimal medical infrastructure for public functions such as regional emergency medical center, infectious disease management, and reinforcement of medical safety net for the vulnerable.