• Healthcare Innovation Park
  • Introduction & who are we?

    The modern health industry requires collaboration between various sectors, including biology, engineering, information technology both from the academic and industry sides.

    SNUBH feels strongly that such collaboration is essential for the future growth of the Korean health care industry and has established a “Healthcare Innovation Park, in 2016, at the SNU Bundang Hospital complex.
  • Healthcare Innovation Park
  • The Healthcare Innovation Park is a center for research collaboration between businesses in these industries and SNUBH researchers, and is the first of its kind in Korea.

    At our 11 floor, 80,000㎡, facility, many businesses from the biotech, information technology, genetic engineering, medical device, nanomedicine, regenerative medicine sectors, among others maintain their offices and research facilities and working closely together with medical school researchers of SNU on a daily basis.

    We believe this more efficient collaboration between science and industry will translate into future growth of the healthcare industry in Korea and enhance the better delivery of health care to modern Korea and international community as well.
The recent official visit by Mr. Moon Jae-in, the President of Korea, to the campus of HIP(July19,2018) has validated the role of SNUBH and
the Healthcare Innovation Park as a leader in the Korean biotech industry and future healthcare in Korea.

Main Areas of Research Collaboration:

Many companies maintain facilities In HIP with a particular focus on

  1. 1

    Highest quality
    medical care for all
    international patients

  2. 2

    Medical Genomics

  3. 3

    Regenerative Medicine

  4. 4

    Medical device
    Companies –Research & Development

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