For the first time, the SNUBH Outcomes Book has publicly shared the healthcare quality indicators for the first time in the nation, and this year, the 4th Edition of the Outcomes Book has been published. Now, the sharing of quality indicators have spread to hospitals and similar to standards plays an important role which leaves us with a sense of pride.

SNUBH has shown impressive growth under its founding philosophy of “enabling humans to enjoy a healthy and happy life through the world’s best training, research, and medical service.” It is recognized by the people of Korea as the nation’s leading central hospital. In a difficult medical environment, the SNUBH continues to lead the way as society moves towards the futuristic medical industry and has enhanced the quality of the healthcare services, based entirely on the precedent that the best healthcare should always be made available to all patients in return for their trust.

In the future, the SNUBH has a continuous plan to expand, share, and monitor the healthcare quality indicators. Based on this, we make every effort to obtain better clinical results that increase the trust of the customers for the process and outcome of the treatments and generally improve medical quality by understanding our insufficient areas. In addition, we invest our efforts to improve the health of the people through a more differentiated medical service. We truly appreciate your interest in the 4th Edition of the Outcomes Book. It is our hope that the presented data will be of significant value to all readers. Lastly, I must take the time to express my sincere appreciation to all of the faculty members who have participated in this wonderful collection and the publishment of the indicators despite their extremely tight schedule in healthcare due to the prolonged COVID-19.
12th President & CEO
of the Seoul National University
Bundang Hospital
Thank you.