The SNUBH Outcomes Book has openly shared the healthcare quality indicators for the first time in the nation, and this year, the Outcomes Book 3rd Edition has been published. The latest edition consists of greater details based on the collective efforts of many of the SNUBH members despite the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, this year’s Outcomes Book contains as many indicators as possible that will likely be of great interest to the patients, including 370 indicators related to 83 fields

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital is striving to be the medical center that represents our nation, and in which the most reliable healthcare services are provided. SNUBH continues to lead the way as society moves towards the futuristic medical industry and has enhanced the quality of the healthcare services, based entirely on the faith that the best healthcare should always be available to all patients in return for their trust. Furthermore, by presenting the healthcare quality indicators of each year with a transparency to analyze and improve the limitations, we believe we are now a step closer to the realization of our core values; the Best Treatment, the Optimal Healthcare. SNUBH will continue to monitor and present the healthcare quality indicators to show our complete respect for the patient’s right to know and to provide improved healthcare services.
12th President & CEO
of the Seoul National University
Bundang Hospital
We truly appreciate your interest in the Outcomes Book 3rd Edition. It is our hope that the presented data will be of significant value to all readers.
Thank you.