Seoul National University Bundang Hospital has been striving to realize our core value of ‘the Best Treatment, Optimal Healthcare’ since the beginning of 2003 when we first opened and is recognized as the national hospital for the people and a leading hospital due to its continuous sharp growth.

Up to now, healthcare has been focused on medical institutions which have played a role in treating patients and saving and managing the information created from the treatment. However, the latest medical environment emphasizes the right to know of patients according to the healthcare policy focused on patients and increases the requirements and interests for the safety of patients. Therefore, the transparent openness of the treatment performance and indicator results for the safety of patients is a driving force that can review the current status of a hospital and lead the developmental direction of the future.

As the SNUBH is a leading hospital of the future, we have managed the information of medical quality by the world’s first complete EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system and the cutting-edge medical facilities. We have been confident that collecting the data of patients, introducing a sufficient interpretation, and applying it to treatments are at the core of smart healthcare and a developmental tool in the 4th industrial revolution society. We manage efficient and accurate data based on the higher system, and have a shared treatment performance and indicators for the safety of patients every year from the 1st Edition of the Outcomes Book which shared Korea’s first medical quality indicators in 2018.

This 4th Edition includes 364 indicators related to 85 fields in an attempt to provide the results of the improved medical quality indicators. The publication of the Outcomes Book has not been realized simply to share the results of the indicators but as a thorough process to create a culture of transparency and voluntary engagement in improving the medical services we provide. Finally, it improves the level of trust for care results through providing the care status and treatment levels for each disease, so it remains a desirable opportunity to upgrade Korea’s medical level by one step.

Chief Medical Officer
of the Seoul National University
Bundang Hospital Chairperson
of the Outcomes Book
Committee / Senior Vice President
Kim, Kwhanmien
We would like to express our sincere appreciation and congratulations to the Department of Quality Improvement & Patient Safety and all the faculty members. Seoul National University Bundang Hospital will never cease in its efforts to be a national hospital for the people that leads the world's medical standards.