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Thank you for visiting Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH)’s Health Promotion Center.

SNUBH’s health check-up program is designed to improve your well-being by prevention and early diagnosis of various diseases. We offer a wide range of packages customized by gender, age, and life styles of the individual.

Most of the test results can be discussed with the examinee within 3 days after the testing is completed. However, some of the tests require 10 days to be reviewed and analyzed. Therefore, you will be able to receive the comprehensive results within 1-2 weeks via in person, phone or email, depending on your preference.

If abnormal results are found in the initial checkup, you may be contacted by SNUBH for further evaluation and management as follows:

1) Consultation with specialty professors
2) Further focused examinations and tests
3) Procedural or surgical treatments

Moreover, in some urgent problems, you may have to expend your stay or return to Korea if you have already departed.
The expenses related with above extra-processes will result in extra-charges to the examinees.

We are committed to deliver a more accurate diagnosis and evidence based treatments.
Thank you.

Process of Physical Check-up

Make an appointment

  • Request for an appointment via telephone, or e-mail
  • Health Promotion Center Telephone: 1588-3369
  • International Healthcare Center

English Office +82-31-787-2034, 2043
H.P +82-10-3049-2038
Русский Office +82-31-787-2039, 2027, 2036
H.P +82-10-9722-2034
العربية Office +82-787-2037, 2045
H.P +82-10-3018-2037


  • Sign-up at Health Promotion Center located in fourth floor at the 2nd dong building.
  • Submit your stool container and medical questionnaire.
  • Make payment (We accept all major credit cards. If paying by cash, we accept only Korean won)


After we have checked you in, please wait in the waiting area and you will be escorted to the changing room. You will be assigned a locker, then please change into the robe, pants and slippers that we provide you with.

  • Remove all clothes except for your underwear (panties).
  • Remove all accessories such as rings, necklaces and earrings.
  • Leave your valuables with our staff when you sign-up.


  • Your scheduled examinations will start after changing your clothes.

Result Consultation

Preliminary results from most of the tests can be discussed with examinee within 3 days, but results of some tests could be sent approximately 10 days to the examinee by email or mail.


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