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Patients’ Rights

Right to receive appropriate health care

Patients have the right to receive appropriate health care regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, religion and socioeconomic status. Health care professionals may not deny medical care without justifiable reason.

Right to be informed / Autonomous decision

Patients have the right to be well informed and to inquire in detail about the treating physician’s specialty, status of their disease, purpose of the treatment, treatment plan, method, expected results and side effects of the treatment, discharge plan, medical cost, whether or not they are a subject to medical research, organ transplant/donation and etc., and to decide whether to give consent.

Right to have confidentiality

Medical records and health care information needs to be kept confidential and cannot be released without consent of the patient or can be released as directed by law.

Right to request for consultation and medication

When dispute arises in relation with patients’ health care, patients have the right to consult with the Korean Medical Dispute Mediation and Arbitration Agency in addition to the usual legal rights as a citizen.

Patients’ Responsibilities

Responsible to trust and respect health care professionals

  • Patients are expected to provide complete and accurate information essential to the treatment.
  • Patients are expected to trust and respect treatment plans that have been developed by the health care professionals and may be responsible for consequences from not following the instructions.

Responsible to not be engaged in illegal health care activities

  • Patients are required to provide accurate information about their identity before receiving any treatments.
  • The use of pseudonyms or any engagement in illegal activities in relation to personal health care is strictly prohibited.


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