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Parking Info


Must pay before exiting the parking lot (Please check the area you have parked before you depart)


Basement Parking Lot

Ground Parking Lot
(Next to the funeral hall)

 Regular Parking Rate

 20 minutes free
After 20 minutes:
500 KRW per 10 minutes

 60 minutes free
After 60 minutes:
500 KRW per 10 minutes

 Sat, Sun, Holidays 60 Minutes Free After 60 Minutes:
500 KRW per 10 Minutes

Sat, Sun, Holidays 60 Minutes Free After 60 Minutes:
500 KRW per 10 Minutes

 Evening Rate
(22:00-6:00AM next day)

 30 minutes free

 30 minutes free

Special Discounts for Patients (1 per day)


 Discount Type

Basement Parking Lot

 Ground Parking Lot

Basement Parking Lot    
(Free for 4 Hours)
Ground Parking Lot      
(Free for 8 Hours)

 Doctor’s consultation & Examinations (on the day of parking), Blood Sampling, Hospital Admission Fee Deposit, Patients with disabilities, National Patriots and Veterans, Issuing Medical Records (Medical reports, admission report, etc.)

Free for the day

Day of hospital Admission and Discharge
(No limits to entry and exit during the day)
Emergency Room (24 hours from admission)
1 vehicle registered for Private room and VIP Room patients
Health Promotion Center (Health Check Up)
Day Ward patients (Outpatient chemotherapy patients unit)
Polysomnography patients
Doctor’s consultation at 2 or more departments in one day.
ICU patient’s guardian when the hospital immediately requested the guardian (One car per patient): Check with the ICU. 

Discount Rates for Admitted Patients
(1 Registered Vehicle per patient, no multiple discounts applied)

Discount does not apply to underground parking.
(Applied only on weekends and holidays)

 5,000 KRW, 12 hours from arrival
10,000 KRW, 24 hours from arrival
(Allowed to exit and re-enter the parking lot within that time slot, Sat/Sun/Holidays able to park until 24:00)

Small Cars

50% discount  

Parking Information

  • Parking fees will NOT be applied on the day of admission and discharge. However, parking fees will be applied during the patient’s hospital stay.
  • There is a discount ticket available for purchase for admitted patients. However, regular parking fares will be applied after the time for ticket purchase (20 minutes), unless appropriate discount ticket has already been purchased.
  • Discount ticket for parking fees can be purchased at the Parking Office, 1-Dong, opposite to the main entrance of the main Building (1st Section). Open 24/7.
  • The parking lot guide sheet can be found at the parking lot entrance on each floor, connected to the hospital.
  • Seoul National University Bundang Hospital does not take responsibility for lost items and/or stolen vehicles in the parking lot.
  • For more information please contact the parking department at 031-787-1800.




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