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Patients with Korean National Insurance have to bring a referral letter for the appointment, except for family medicine appointments, for the Korean National Insurance to be applied. The law in Korea requires patients with Korean National Insurance to go to a primary/secondary hospital before visiting a tertiary hospital. You can get the referral letter from another hospital (usually a primary) or from our family medicine doctor.
For a referral letter from our family medicine doctor, you have to make an appointment in advance.
Please note you will be charged separately for the family medicine consultation.

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Information on the Collection and Use of Personal Information
1.Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information With the consent of users, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital collects users’ personal information for the purpose of provision of services.
2.Items of Personal Information Collected Patient registration number, Name, Gender, Date of birth, Nationality, Language, Contact number, Email address, Any other contact number, Address in Korea, Permanent Address, Private Insurance, Symptoms & Medical Services Required, Available Dates & Comments.
3.Term of retaining and use of personal information : 2 years.
4.You have a right to disagree the collection and use of personal Information above.
If so, please Contact Us by +82-31-787-2034 and let us know the details.

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