• Youn, Sang-Woong 의료진

    Youn, Sang-Woong

    Specialty psoriasis, acne, rosacea, bioengineering of the skin

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  • Huh, Chang-Hun 의료진

    Huh, Chang-Hun

    Specialty Skin cancer, Skin surgery, Hair loss/Scalp disease, Hair Transplantation

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  • Choi, ChongWon 의료진

    Choi, ChongWon

    Specialty vitiligo, pigment skin disorder, and scar

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  • Na, JungIm 의료진

    Na, JungIm

    Specialty atopic dermatitis, pigmentary disorders, pediatric skin disorders

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  • Shin, Jung-Won 의료진

    Shin, Jung-Won

    Specialty Hair disease, Dermatologic surgery, and Lasers

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  • Kim, BoRi 의료진

    Kim, BoRi

    Specialty nail disorders, allergic skin conditions, aesthetic and dermatologic surgery

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