• Yoon, In-Young 의료진

    Yoon, In-Young

    Specialty Sleep disorders, depression, panic disorder

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  • Kim, KiWoong 의료진

    Kim, KiWoong

    Specialty Psychiatry and Behavioral Science / Brain and Cognitive Science

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  • Ha, Tae-Hyon 의료진

    Ha, Tae-Hyon

    Specialty BIpolar disorder, Major depressive disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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  • Yoo, Hee-Jeong 의료진

    Yoo, Hee-Jeong

    Specialty Adolescent ADHD, tic disorder, emotional and behavioral disorder

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  • Kim, Eui-Tae 의료진

    Kim, Eui-Tae

    Specialty Early psychosis, schizophrenia, Mood disorder, Psychopharmacology, Neuroimaging

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  • Han, JiWon 의료진

    Han, JiWon

    Specialty Dementia and Cognitive Aging, Geriatric Psychiatry

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  • Park, Hyeyoun 의료진

    Park, Hyeyoun

    Specialty psychosomatic medicine, psychooncology

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  • Myung, Woojae 의료진

    Myung, Woojae

    Specialty Depression, Bipolar disorder, Panic disroder, Psychiatric disorder related with pain

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  • Kim, Jeong-Hyun 의료진

    Kim, Jeong-Hyun

    Specialty stress, psychooncology, employee assistance program

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  • Kang, BongJin 의료진

    Kang, BongJin

    Specialty Mood disorder, Anxiety disorder, Depression, Bipolar disorder

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    Specialty psychosomatic medicine, panic disorder, and sleep disorder

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